Welcome to Fatex Textiles

A Subsidiary of Axis Builders & Developers and Nasir Footwear

Established in 2012, Fatex Textiles has earned global reputation through seamless service, product
quality and innovation. With a perfect combination of design, development and monitoring controls in our
manufacturing and supply chain operations, we excel in providing high end textile products across the globe.

A Quintessential Woman in Textiles

Fatex Textiles is proudly owned and looked after by a successful woman entrepreneur, Asiya Nasir. Realizing the true need of women empowerment, Fatex Textiles equips a large number of women in all its business segments and within a short span of time, it successfully offers employment to over 150 individuals with women in majority!

The outstanding range of textile products at Fatex is a result of untiring efforts, market competitiveness and flawless execution, thus thriving on endless passion and dedication to become the world-class leaders in Textiles across the globe. Click on the video to see how we work!

Bringing an innovative approach to the world of textiles

With an exceptional operational set-up and experience in all areas of fabric production
and packaging through a team of competent individuals and strong market trust,
Fatex Textiles brings a range of products within Bed Linen, Bath Linen, Kitchen Linen,
Institutional Linen and Disposable Towels.

Our Key Features

  • Production Capacity: 100 tones/month
  • Export Destinations: Europe, Canada, America, Middle East
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Research and Development on Innovation
  • Special Unit for Quality and Assurance
  • Purpose-Built Factory Layout
  • Internationally Trusted and Recognized
  • We say ‘No’ to Child Labor
  • Focused on Women Empowerment
  • Ensures Health, Safety and Environmental Well Being


Developing unique designs is our key strength! Our design studio is the focal point, essentially equipped to deliver state of the art designs and patterns to improve our global standing and reputation.

Designers at Fatex Textiles believe in the art of experimentation, leverage our full support and platform to experiment, explore and employ new ideas, color palettes and creatives. Working closely on all aspects, our designers produce inventive and dominant designs, based on client’s inquisition, market trends and requirements.

Thus, from ideation to execution, development and packaging, our design aestheticians work along other teams to ensure that our products are accurately packed and handily transported to all destinations.


Experimenting new ideas and innovative execution are at the heart of Fatex Texiles. Our impeccable textile products push the boundaries and set new benchmarks, not just locally but internationally. At Fatex Textiles, we introduce you to our dedicated team of master innovators who have tinkered in all corners of the textile world that people rarely come across.

Our crafters and skilled professionals work on trend development and analysis services, production and retail packaging development, all in all; we ensure that our quest for excellence remains uncompromised.


As we step into globalization, the world is getting closer with bigger responsibilities to fulfill. We at Fatex Textiles, offer unique opportunities within and across borders by partnering with some of top class dyers and weavers.

We believe in creating shared values for others around and enjoy the art and appeal of contribution and yet, apply luscious methods of developing textile products that others inspire. We welcome you to our finely crafted textile frontier, having several entirely different fabrics, textures and designs, thus; we believe in exploration, innovation and  improvement.


Believing in mindful quality assurance, we adhere to strict monitoring processes, where every factor is crucially administered and looked after for the best results. Equipped with state-of- the-art technology and staffed with highly qualified personnel, our processing units play a key role in delivering the highest standards of goods. From testing of raw products to the analysis and evaluation of finished products, our quality assurance team and technological department serve as the foundation for producing quality products.


Fatex Textiles is always responsive to new technology, innovation and textile versatility and therefore, our activities remain closer to what we aspire to be in the next five years. Also, we are actively involved in educating skilled labor, empowering women and transforming child labor into child education.


Fatex Textiles takes keen interest in exhibiting its products and services in different regions, corporate avenues and textile exhibitions across the globe. To stay updated with our events and newsletters, subscribe with us to have our updates land in your inbox directly.


We’ve Got You Covered

Fatex Textiles remains keen to keep up with new trends and are always eager to deal in products that are unique. That is why our clients find various specialty products such as Bed and Bath Linen, Kitchen and Disposable Linen and Healthcare and Institutional Linen at Fatex Textiles. With our extensive knowledge of textiles and our experience with the development of various textile products we can manufacture multiple kinds of specialty fabrics as per your specifications. Get in touch with us and let us know your import requirements so we can start the process right away.


Browse through our gallery to witness our supreme collection! From our comprehensive range of Bed, Bath, Kitchen and Institutional Linen, you will notice how intricately we are focused on ensuring quality, substance and craftsmanship.